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Friday, July 24, 2009

catch up

Hello from Tucson. This has been the first chance that I have been able to post in a while. I have a lot to catch up on.

The wedding photos turned out pretty good. I am still working on editing them, but I did get the majority of them back to the couple before I left on vaca. The other photo shoot went well and I am working on editing those photos. I will post pics later.

The 4 shows that I was trying to get ready for before I left didn't happen the way that I wanted it to, but that is a good thing.

I did figure out the pieces that I wanted to put into the group show at Rose. I will need to mat and frame 2 of them when I get back. The other 2 are done. Will post photos later, I don't have them with me.

I have 2 pieces ready for the group show Artist Pleasure: Creating What We Love. Then from those 2 I will need to pick one of them to exhibit(I couldn't decide between the 2). I don't have those images with me so I will have to post them later.

Then I might have another group show that I will just have to frame a couple of pieces for when I get back. They are matted already and are from my Polaroid 600 collection, I will just need to choose which ones.

The other show that I was trying to get ready for was the Annual Midwest Photography Show at the Paris Art Center. Originally I was just going to enter the pieces that I had in the Guild's Spring Show. Then I found out who the juror was and I knew him and he had already seen the photos that I was going to enter, so I was just going to enter 3 different pieces that I hadn't entered into a show yet. This meant printing out 3 new pieces, matting, and framing them. I ended up not having time to do this and it turned out to be a good thing because my piece Park County received The Judge's Choice Award.

Parke County 92

Sunset 82

Sabrina 8


Veronica said...

I so wished I had your talent for taking pictures. WOW just Wow. You could make my ATC's look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...