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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Long Week and some Portraits

Life has taken over this past week and has kept me busy. I keep moving forward and for me today is the start of a new week that is going to be filled with taking photos, editing and getting stuff ready for some upcoming shows.

Today I am photographing a wedding. Should be nice even though it is threatening rain. My original plan is to take the photos outside, but I have all my gear stacked up and ready to pack into the car for indoor photos, just in case.

In 8 days I leave for vaca in Arizona. In this 8 days I have to have stuff ready for 3 shows and a fourth one if I can manage it. Some of it is ready and if I wasn't changing some of the photos the majority of it would be done. Can you say procrastination.

Then I have another photo shoot later in the week. I am doing some casual photos of the family I am doing the wedding for today. I want to have the majority of the proofs back to the bride and her family before I leave.

Will post some more later.

Have a good weekend!

These are a couple of photos that I did several years ago in college.


monica said...

i love your work! hope u reach your photography dreams some day. right now i'm in the same boat, but as a writer.

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Thanks, I will some day and so will you. We both have to be persistent at it.